Top 10 Tips on Keeping the Romance Alive

Have you and your loved one been going through the motions lately? Has the spark in your relationship dulled a little? Fortunately, here are a number of tips to help you reinvigorate your relationship and keep the romance alive and sizzling.

• Go out on a date. This is especially recommended for those who have children and may not have gone out on an actual date with your beloved in a long time. Set aside an evening where the two of you can focus all of your attention on each other. Get dressed up and take in the anticipation and excitement that only going out with your loved one on a date can bring.

• Surprise your beloved with an unexpected gift. Bring flowers to the workplace. Pick up something on the way home to surprise her. The most important thing to do is bring gifts that have no connection whatsoever with a holiday or an anniversary. Gifts that are given to simply tell how much you love her are sure to be among the most appreciated you will ever give.

• Do something with your loved one that he enjoys. Those in a relationship oftentimes only share things with their partners that they themselves enjoy, but one of the best gifts you can give is showing your support for one of your partner’s passions that may not normally interest you. Be selfless.

Discover something new. Options include joining a sports team, a culinary group or being surrounded by enthusiasts of the performing arts. Check online at a website like to see what groups are available in your area that may interest the two of you.

• Hide notes in your beloved’s work bag, in the refrigerator, on her laptop or at his work space. Surprising your loved one with unexpected notes will surely bring a spark back into your relationship. These are especially appreciated if she is having a tough day and unexpectedly discovers a note from you.

• Throw a party. This may be large or small, depending on your personalities. Plan it together and invite friends, both those who are close and those who you may not have spent time with in a while. Doing something together and interacting with others as a couple will surely bring you closer together.

• Plan a vacation or weekend getaway. If this is something the two of you have not done in a while, this tip is highly recommended. If time is tight, simply traveling to a nearby town that neither of you has ever visited to explore it together is a fun experience.

• Although many of these tips involve spending more time with your partner, having one night a week away from your loved one can help the two of you grow closer together. No matter how similar people are, there are always interests you may not share. Also, simply spending some time apart really does help the heart grow fonder.

• In today’s electronic age, sending e-cards is another way to show your love. As mentioned earlier, ensure you do not focus this tip around anniversaries and holidays, but also send e-cards at unexpected times. Nothing shows how much you love somebody than doing so when it is not expected.

• Ensure that touch remains a part of your lives. Simply hugging, kissing and holding hands will help bring that spark back if it has dimmed a little since you first got together. This is especially recommended if physical affection has not been nearly as big a part of your relationship as it used to be.

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