Signs He’s Going To Propose

Signs He’s Going To Propose

He is saving funds, spending more time with you and taking keen interest in your little things? No wonder he cleans up the apartment and looks forward to attend other people’s wedding. Surprised by his new darn behavior? Well, most men behave extremely strange when they are about to propose. Yes, perhaps your boyfriend is planning to make you all his by popping the big question. Know the major five signs he’s going to propose to YOU!

1. He acts anxious and nervous

One of the best signs that your guy is about to propose to you is his newly modified behavior and attitude, but this time only in a positive way. He will bring you gifts, flowers and maybe even go out of his way to express his love and devotion towards you. He is eager to know your reaction and wants to confirm that you feel the same.

This is a very vulnerable situation in a man’s life and before he gathers up all the courage to say, “Will you marry me?” he wants to make sure that your answer will be a straight yes.

2. He is saving money for the future

Have you started noticing that your boyfriend is no more into splurging habits but instead talks of saving money and investing some?

No wonder he does not spend money on buying those drinks after work but instead comes home early and cooks dinner. He is certainly not trying to win the best chef competition around the corner but curbing his spending habits to save money for your engagement ring and ultimately your future together.

3. He is digging up little known facts surrounding you

Is your boyfriend all of a sudden behaving just like he started dating yesterday? Asking you all about your favorites such as favorite color, favorite outdoor place and even your most memorable childhood days?

Needless to say, he is giving you all the due attention and wants to know everything about you which he is not aware. When you see he is too desperate to know the answer, get ready girl, thebig day is around the corner.

4. He is extra supportive and cleans up his act

All of a sudden your guy is washing the dishes, making the bed, cooking dinner and majorly, not throwing wet towels on the bed. Your guy is showing you his domestic side, in a way hinting that he can be responsible and thereby a good husband. This sign is again a very good indication that he is really eager to propose you.

5. He is not complaining about marriage

He seems to be taking an interest in the concept of marriage and while attending one he tends to be paying attention. He is serious, attentive and no more joking or getting impatient about the open bar thing while the couple exchange their vows.

He appreciates things about the institution called marriage and compliments the couple and to your surprise even socializes with your relatives and parents. Get ready for the wedding bell girl because matrimony is what is running in your guy’s head!

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