Signs He Wants To Leave You

Signs He Wants To Leave You

Signs He Wants to Leave You

written by: Ken Beavensigns he want to leave you

Is he becoming a bit more distant than ever lately? Are you bothered about his strange behavior towards you? When guys are no longer happy about their relationship, they throw subtle hints of dissatisfaction. Do you really want to make up?

So, you better learn how to read these signals that he sends you through his actions and words, which are some signs he wants to leave you. This way, you’ll know the real deal about how he feels about you and your relationship.

Read up on these signs he wants to leave you below –

1. You rarely receive text messages or calls from him.

At first, you may rationalize things by thinking that he’s probably just up to his neck at work, or he just needs some space because of a critical problem he’s going through. However, if you’re used to hearing from him every single day (or even every hour in a day), then something’s definitely up with him.

In fact, he may not even be the type who closes in on you when he’s depressed or overwhelmed with problems, right? If your boyfriend is acting too distant by barely even dropping you a line, then you better start asking what’s up with him.

2. He frequently texts or calls someone – and he even acts secretive about it.

So, he has a lot of friends whom he could be texting every single day. But seriously, does he have to excuse himself each time he needs to make a phone call when it’s nothing personal?

You may even catch him texting just one particular person almost 10 times in an hour, and that person’s not you! When you’re terribly mystified, or perhaps annoyed by this odd habit that your boyfriend seems to be stuck in, consider talking to him to find out the real deal between the two of you.

3. He avoids going out or meeting with you.

He even posted something in his page just a few minutes ago! Clearly, he’s just avoiding you, although the actual reason may still be a bit blurry for you right now. What should you do in this situation?

Just let it go, or confront the guy? I’d say, you should get into the bottom of this and fork the truth out from your man. The last thing you want is to live in a fantasy world that your boyfriend’s madly in love with you, when he’s actually very distant in real life.

4. He acts in a nonchalant way when you ask him serious questions.

While it’s true that your boyfriend is a man of few words, he used to be someone whom you could count on when you needed an honest opinion about any life-changing decision you’re about to make (and this isn’t just about whether you should get the striped or plaid shirt!).

Recently, he’s been acting like he doesn’t care a thing about what you do with your life. You ask him something, and he just gives you a little nod or a shrug. Downright annoying, right? Find out what’s up with his I’m-too-cool-to-care attitude instead of just allowing him to continuously treat you this way. There might be a deeper reason why he’s acting that way, and it’s best to know it as soon as possible.

5. There’s something different about the way he kisses or holds you.

Do you remember how kissing him felt like when you two first started dating? Compare that feeling with how it’s like now whenever he gives you a smooch. Does it still feel the same, or is it somehow shallow and less passionate?

Ladies, keep in mind that in most things, particularly in matters of the heart, it’s best to trust your instincts. You’ll feel it if something has changed, so it’s time you read between the lines and across his actions. The fact that he pulls away quickly or aims for your cheek instead of your lips SHOULD mean something.

Get a Reality Check

When a relationship turns sour, there’s only one thing to do – look for signals and try to decode them. These signs he wants to leave you may confuse or even hurt you, so it’s only right that you ask him straight out what’s going on. Always remember that you’re worth an explanation, and it’s only fair you know where these actions are leading to, for your peace of mind.