Clear Signs He’s Ready To Settle Down

Clear Signs He’s Ready To Settle Down

Every relationship is bound to go somewhere. It either falls apart or falls into place. Often times, women are left wondering in the latter part of the relationship whether or not where the relationship is headed to. Men are very hard to decode. There are many things going on in their head and heart and sometimes they just don’t know how to express it.

It is up to the ladies to figure out for themselves if their beau is ready to settle down. If you can see the following signs in your man, then he is probably scouting for the perfect engagement ring already!

Sign 1: Lesser Night Out’s!

The bro’s over hoe’s rule just got old! He does not spend so much time with his friends anymore. In fact, he prefers hanging out with you during Saturday night and watching a movie or enjoying a home cooked meal, which he voluntary cooks by the way, instead of whisky with friends.

Sign 2: Focused on the Finances

When he starts getting serious about his career, this means he is also getting pretty serious about his financial statement. When he opts to buy an SUV instead of a 2-seat sports car, then you really have a good catch right there. This just means that he is preparing for a stable future. He takes into consideration putting together a bank account that will provide a great life for his future family.

Sign 3: You Are Introduced to Everyone

Rarely does it happen that a man introduces her girl to everyone. This includes close friends and family. Be keen with the introduction as well. Are you introduced as a girlfriend or does he sometimes refer to you as the future wife? Moreover, you will know that he wants to marry you when he wants you to spend a lot of time with his close friends and family.

Sign 4: Marriage Talk

If your man avoids the topic, then he probably does not want to settle down yet. But if he initiates the marriage talk, then he is probably ready as he can be. He is in the “settling down” zone.

Sign 5: He Asks You About Your Goals

Of course he would! He wants the future mother of his children to be someone who has plans for herself as well. He also considers your plans as his plans. Make sure that you include him in your plans. He will definitely be proposing soonif you do this. Keep him the picture of the future but be sure you are true to your words.

Sign 6: The Gifts are Getting More Expensive by the Day

He used to give you flowers and chocolates. Now, he is showering you with bling, gadgets, gift certificates and unreasonably expensive dinners. Your value has definitely gone up from girlfriend to future wife. Who knows, he might take you to open houses to look for the perfect love nest that both of you will own!

If you can see these 6 signs in your man, then he is clearly so into you.

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