How to Keep the Passion Alive

How to Keep the Passion Alive

Rekindle the Fire in your Relationship – How to Keep the Passion Alive

At some point all relationships can use just a little help. This is especially true with love relationships. While we may not intentionally desire to take our spouse or soul mate for granted, it just seems to happen. Here are some tips to help bring that passion back into your relationship.

Say It

Our words, or lack thereof, can speak volumes to our significant other. Think about the last time you gazed into their eyes and said I love you. Was it this morning over coffee, or two weeks ago? After many years together, couples tend to say I love you less often. Sometimes they feel like the other person knows they love them, so they don’t need to say it. This is a relationship killer. All people need social interaction to thrive, and we need to hear the words from our lover to validate it. It is not enough just to know that they know, we must say it.

While you are at it, when was the last time you used a term of endearment? It is very likely that you had and used pet names for one another when you were first dating. But have you used them recently; a special word or touch that is shared between just the two of you. It can invoke feelings of passion all over again. A simple phrase, name or touch to convey that, right now, at this very moment, I am madly in love with you.

Show It

Touching does not have to be sexual or private to be passionate and meaningful; a hug, holding hands or even a kiss stolen in the middle of the day. Human touch is a critical element in every relationship. If you don’t believe that, try not shaking hands at your next client meeting. Never underestimate the power of touch, and make sure you and your partner connect on a daily basis.

While not a replacement for contact, you can also use small gifts to add some sparks. It does not have to be expensive flowers or chocolates, either. Draw a heart or place a lipstick kiss on a napkin in your partner’s lunch. Send them an email just to say you love them or leave a note on their car windshield. It’s the little things in life that reach down and touch our souls.

Change It

If you are serious about adding passion back into your relationship, then you must be sincere about it. Lip service won’t cut it, and you must desire the enthusiasm first. Take a walk alone and think about when you first fell in love. What did you feel, hear, see and smell? Try and recall everything that made you excited about this new relationship. Then think about how you acted and things you said or did. Is there some real reason to not live that way now? Once you are assured of your own feelings, then you can move on to your partners, and what you do and say will be real.

If your routine has become a quick peck on the cheek when you get home from work, do something different. Leave work 30 minutes early and greet your partner with a passionate kiss. Look at the things that you do each and every day, and change the ones that don’t add passion to your lives. Remember, we are not talking about major changes, but little things here and there. Things that will rekindle the passion you once shared.

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