How To Build A Deep Emotional Connection With Your Man

Connecting with your Man

 Relationships have many critical aspects to keep them strong, healthy and passionate.  Sure there needs to be a physical connection but there also needs to be an intellectual and emotional partnership as well. If the emotional side of an already good relationship is cultivated, the bond will quickly become great!

And for relationships that are a little rocky you can restore the passion and help rebuild them by deepening the emotional component. Here are three steps you can use to establish (or re-establish) a deep emotional connection with your man; listen, speak and act.


Contrary to what some people think, guys like to talk also. Many men hold their thoughts and feeling inside and very seldom open up. The passion in a relationship can be restored or strengthen when the male feels comfortable enough to open up. Pick a good time and place such as a quiet evening at home or a weekend lazy afternoon; never right after he gets home from work. Start with alleviating his potential fears.

Say something like nothing is wrong and you just want a chance to talk and to listen to what he has to say. Try and keep it casual but definitely be focused on him. If he does not open up right away, ask some leading questions. Let him know you want to hear what he is thinking and feeling without any judgment or pressure.


We gals can talk and we do it all the time! But often the conversation can jump all over the place and not be very focused. When you are trying to connect with your man, you need to be specific about your needs and desires. Share your passions with him but in a way he can understand.

Don’t beat around the bushes but juts honestly and clearly tell him what you want or need. Try and state one thing and give him time to think and reply. It’s not helpful to dump several things on him at once. State your case in a non-judgmental way and don’t blame him for your issues.


Once the two of you have sat down to listen and speak, the next step is to act. Follow-up is important. If either of you agreed to changes try and do them as soon as you can. Show him you’re serious by doing the things he asked that are reasonable. It may seem trivial to you, but it is not to him.

If he wants his golf clubs in the bedroom and not in the closet, just go with it. Little things can make a big impact on your emotional connection and add passion to your relationship. If his requests are too much for you, tell him so! Don’t just not do it, but in a clear and calm tone express why you can’t or won’t. Try and find a compromise that you both can live with.

Taking these three steps – listen, speak and act – can go a long way to making your emotional bond deeper and stronger. People that really connect emotionally have a passionate and powerful relationship. They can withstand the trials that time always brings to every partnership. Give it a try with your man and watch what happens.

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