How Can I Get Him To Ask the Question?

How Do You Get Him To Pop The Question?

In relationships, the women tend to think more of the future and on the long term results of what both parties have been through. This is why women end up asking the question “how can I get him to ask the question” once you have gone from dating to serious. This is normal.

If you have invested a lot in a relationship, it is just the right thing to look for ways to get your man to propose. Here are some sure fire tips that work. Look into them deeply and plan them out carefully. Before you know it, you will get that diamond ring that fits right into your finger!

Tip 1: Don’t Give Him A Deadline

Most girls can’t wait and sometimes give their men an ultimatum. If your man feels pressured, then you will either get a forced proposal or no proposal at all. You don’t deserve any of this.

You want a proposal that comes from the heart and a proposal done not because they were given a deadline. Just wait. Be patient. After all, this is marriage you are talking about. This is something you don’t want to rush.

Tip 2: Be The Wife Type

Act like a wife every now and then. Do the groceries and make sure you get everything he wants. Prepare meals. If there are some things that need to be bought or repaired at home, prioritize getting them fixed. But don’t act too submissive. Being a wife does not mean being submissive. It means being the head of the household. Once he sees that you are the type of person he wants to live with forever, then there is a greater chance to propose.

Tip 3: Bring up The Topic Lightly

Sometimes squeeze into your conversations seamlessly how that great island you saw in the movie would be a great honeymoon spot or how that song playing in the car would be a great wedding song. These are subtle signs that will get him thinking about some proposing.

Tip 4: Address His Fears

One of the reasons why your man has not proposed yet is because he is scared of something. Everyone has fears. Consider the fact that your boyfriend might be scared, that his career might be in the hands if he enters the covenant of marriage.

Assure him that once he gets married to you, he can still pursue whatever he wants to pursue given that he becomes a good provider to your family and that he still spends time with you. Another thing he might be scared of is change. Gradually guide him through the changes and show him that nothing major is going to change. He will, in one way or another, have to accept that as you grow older and love gets deeper, there are more responsibilities as well.

Tip 5: Be the Best Girlfriend you Can Be

Some relationships are in a vicious cycle of arguments and misunderstandings. If you want him to propose, you need to understand him, too. Who would want a marriage with constant arguments, right? For men, a great girlfriend equates to a great wife. Most of all, be yourself, be real. If the relationship is really meant to be, I assure you, he will ask the question.

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