Clues That He Wants To Propose

5 Signs Your Man is About to Pop the Question! Clues that he wants to propose –

Being in a relationship can take its toll on women especially if you are in the age of wanting to settle down. The thing with women is they keep on wondering if their relationship with their boyfriend is going in the direction they want. Since men are very soft spoken regarding these topics, you will have to decipher for yourself and check on clues that he wants to propose. Be on the lookout on these 5 clues that he wants to propose.

Clue 1: Long Term Plans

If your man often brings up topics about his long term goals and he includes you in it, then you are definitely being considered as his wife. Classic examples are discussing about a house to buy or what school your future children should be enrolled in. If your man often talks about these things, then he is definitely looking for an engagement ring already.

Clue 2: He Starts to be Money Smart!

If your notice your beau making better decisions with his money, then he is definitely saving up for your future family already. No more “toys for the big boys” in his shopping list. He prefers gas saving cars instead of the cool sports cars you see in the magazines. He prefers grocery shopping instead of eating out because it will save you both more dough.

Clue 3: He Introduces you to His Family

If a man introduces you to his family and he wants you to spend more time with them, then it means he is preparing you for being a part of his family as well. Basically, this is his effort for you to get along with his parents and siblings. No one wants a family feud! This is his way of making his family know that you are going to be around for a long time, maybe even a life time! So make sure you accept him and his family for whatever values or traditions they have. This is your manner for showing gratitude and besides, it is common courtesy.

Clue 4: Decision Making Processes

Men do not want to be told what to do. This is true from his driving manners to his big career decisions. If you notice your man including you in both small and big decisions, then this simply means that he trusts you enough and that you are the most ideal woman for him. He basically puts you in the position of being a wife or mother. Thus, make sure you don’t nag him.

Instead, learn to give the best advices so you can guide him towards the best decisions. He will appreciate this more rather than telling him what to do. This will show him that you also trusts his decision making powers and that you know he is smart enough without making him feel that you are not there for him.

Clue 5: Extra Needy and Extra Sweet

Contrary to popular belief, men actually get so anxious when they are about to pop the big question. You will notice your man being extra sweet and needy. The reason behind this is because he wants you to feel that you are the only woman for him in time for the day of the big proposal and he gets a definitive YES!


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