5 Tips on Keeping Your Man Honest

Keeping Your man Honest

For women, and men for that matter, trust and honesty are very important to any relationship. Therefore, if you want to keep him honest, and know he is always telling you the truth, you have to show him that you trust him.

These 5 tips will help not only keep him honest if you inquire about anything, but will also help to build communication and in turn, help to build trust in the relationship that you are trying to build together.

1. Be honest yourself –

From honest, stems honesty. If you are sneaky, deceitful, or simply hide a few truths, you can expect the same in return. If you expect him to be honest, you also have to be honest with him. This is not only about fidelity, but in all aspects of a relationship that you are trying to build with someone you would like to be with.

2. Give him freedom –

If you are constantly nagging, always want to know where he is, and want to be around him every minute of the day, he is going to feel as if he has to lie to you.

Every relationship needs to have some kind of boundary; so, giving each other free time, and letting him enjoy that time alone (without you calling in and checking in on him every few minutes), is going to result in him feeling more comfortable with you and wanting to be honest with you.

3. Mix things up –

Men (and women) tend to cheat or start hiding things when they become too comfortable. Although you do want to keep a normalcy in your everyday life, you do not want your relationship to become boring and predictable.

So, mix and change things up every once in a while; not only will this keep both parties happy, it is going to build trust and honesty in the relationship.

4. Show him you care –

Doing small things he enjoys, watching the game with him, or any other little things you do, will go a long way.

When men become bored, or if they feel they are not getting anything in return for their efforts, secrecy begins and makes its way in to the relationship. So, if you expect small things and surprises, so does he.

5. Don’t grill him –

If you ask a question once, and get a straightforward response, do not continue to nag and ask follow up questions. You have to be trusting, and you have to learn to listen to what he tells you.

If you are constantly feeling jealous, you are going to push him away. If you are suspicious, ask, but don’t keep pushing him for more details.

In certain cases it is best to trust, and let things fall in to place; if he is lying, it will eventually come out. Badgering and beating him over the head with questions is going to push him away, and force dishonest behavior; to avoid this, you must develop trust, and you have to learn to let the little things go.

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