5 Signs He Is Cheating on Me

Signs He Is Cheating

Relationships are hard to maintain. It takes a lot of effort to make it work. The reason behind this is because there are many factors that challenge a relationship such as infidelity. Women often ask for signs to know if their man is really cheating on them.

Read ahead and find out the 5 sure signs that your man might be doing some monkey business that you don’t know about.

Sign 1: Jumpy Habits on his Cell

Truth is, if there is nothing to hide, then your man can openly leave his phone anywhere in the house. You have to observe your man whenever he gets a call or text and you are around. Does he get nervous? Does he try to move away from you? Is the person calling or texting someone you don’t know? Do the calls and text messages pile up when he does not respond? If yes to all those questions, then you must definitely check out his phone!

Sign 2: Lies

If you catch your man lying about something, then there must be a reason why he needed to lie. Whether the lie is big or small, you need to focus on the fact that it was used to cover up something that he does not want you to know. The meeting he said he had with his boss the other day might actually be a booty call and that is why he cancelled on you at your usual lunch out together.

Sign 3: Pick up Signs from his Friends

His friends will always be his brothers and they will always tolerate whatever activities your beau is doing. So if his friends start acting strange, then take that as a sure sign as well. If the friends of your man can’t look you in the eye whenever you ask about the details of the latest boys’ night out and they start stuttering and saying “you know, the usual”, then there is something unusual!

Sign 4: Less Affection from Him

When relationships are new, the man is usually the one who shows most of the affection. If the office deliveries and random post-it’s get lesser and lesser every day, then his affection might be directed towards somebody new. As couples, for sure you guys have routines that you do so that you can keep the spark alive. For example, you agree to watch DVD’s and take out Chinese every Friday night. However, the past few days, he makes up some excuses for this. So most likely, there is something else going on.

Sign 5: You Just Know It!

Girl, you have got to trust your gut! A woman’s intuition is very strong and you have to remember that. If you feel that something fishy is going on, then it is worth looking into. Besides, you would not get that negative and painful gut feel if you didn’t notice any changes. You can try to fight the feeling but if it does not really go away then you need to open the idea of him cheating.

Now that you know the 5 signs of cheating, you should also know how to properly deal with it. Talk to him right away and ask him. If you do confirm that he is cheating, decide if you want to leave or stay. Every relationship takes work, don’t give up until you have given it your all.

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