3 Ways to Make Him Ache for YOU

Every woman wants to be WANTED – and it’s even better when it’s the man of your dreams aching for you! Men are interesting creatures and also creatures of habit. Studies have shown that there are specific things you can do that will drive him crazy and make him want you even more. Take a look at few of these things, which you can start doing to your man immediately!

#1 Say His Name

Almost every man loves to hear the woman of his dreams say whisper his name – especially when it’s in the bedroom. Make it a habit to say his name during passionate situations. He will begin to relate his name with sexy situations. After some time has passed, begin whispering his name to him in public places to get him thinking about you making love to him. This is one word that will drive him crazy and make him ache for you.

#2 Accidentally Touch Him

There is nothing better than a woman’s touch. Start looking for opportunities to discretely touch him for a split second. For example, if you need to get something out of the car – slyly reach into the pocket of his pants and slide the keys out. You will be out the door and he will still be dreaming of your hand in his pocket.

#3 Remain a Mystery

It isn’t always fun or attractive to know everything about someone’ life. The more you keep your life a mystery, the more he will go crazy to know more. This is not to say you shouldn’t tell him anything about your life – but just remember to withhold bits and pieces of information so that you don’t become a forgone conclusion.

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